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Jumbles Sailing Club is run entirely from volunteer help. Some people are able to devote more time than others to the running of the club but no-one receives any extra benefit for doing so. For that reason in addition to committee roles we ask that all members and their family members (if willing)to help with duties during the year. This enables the club to function from week to week with all the necessary elements in place to give satisfactory service,ie. Food, safety and organisation. There are 4 duties.

Officer of the Day (OD)

The OD is in charge of sailing on the day.

They are responsible for organising the racing, setting the course, monitoring and refereeing the race. They also need to be mindful that adequate safety cover is provided and sometimes to take decisions to abandon sailing if the conditions are too bad. This is a rare occurrence and advice from the sailors and safety boat crew is helpful in making that decision.

They need to be able to work out the finishing times using the PY numbers allocated to each boat for which there is a formula but we have computer assistance these days which makes the task much easier. Starting races is also very simple using the automated system of traffic lights and hooters. It is literally the flick of a switch and it is all done for you over a 5 minute starting period. All the OD needs to do when a boat crosses the finish line is to press a button to have the time recorded on the system and transfer it to paper or the computer. The role is not as onerous as it may sound and can be quickly picked up (even by non sailors) with a bit of coaching. There is a saying at Jumbles that "In the event of a dispute the OD is always right". Enough said! If anyone would like to learn a little more about it then just sit in for a while or speak to any of the experienced OD's. Occasionally we will run an evening to introduce new members to the role who are willing to improve their skills so please respond if asked.

Safety 1

Safety 1 is in charge of the safety boat for the day. This is quite a fun job where the club can help people build their skills in power boating and safe recovery of people and boats. The main criteria is a Power Boat 2 certificate which is a 2 day course held either by us or with another training centre. If you hold level 2, The National Powerboat Certificate and are a British passport holder or British resident you are eligible for an International Certificate of Competence for power craft up to 10m in length.

Driving PBs safely is a skill but the recovery of people and boats is equally a skill which can be learned by completing the 2 day Safety Boat course ( an RYA certificated course). Alternatively at Jumbles we run a shortened version directly applicable to our own waters which is uncertificated. In all cases it is advisable for PB2 holders to complete one or the other of these. That way if the crew has had the same training there will be an appreciation of each others roles and you will make an experienced and professional unit.

Safety 2

Safety 2 does not have to have the PB2 certificate and will assist Safety 1 You should be dressed in appropriate gear for the conditions and be prepared to enter the water if required.

(This is an extreme which doesn't often happen but is a criteria of the role).

If you would like to train for the PB2, Safety Boat or both, please speak to Nancy, our Training Officer or any of the club officers so that we can compile a list and offer courses when needed. There is a small fee to cover costs but it is vastly cheaper than doing it at another accredited centre.


This is usually run by 2 people on the day. The idea is that people buy the necessary ingredients to provide a sandwich option, a hot option and a veggy option. Examples would be Vegetable broth, chilli con carne, pies, soup, curry, ham & cheese sandwiches, hot dogs. The cost of the ingredients is recovered from the takings and the club picks up any profit. Sometimes a dessert is provided in the form of cakes or biscuits. The "worlds yer lobster" as Del would say and up to you how much effort you want to put in. Suffice to say that whatever is provided is very much appreciated by all the members. It is difficult to predict numbers but probably best to aim at around 25 hot options and the rest can be covered by sandwiches. Tea, coffee, chocolate, crisps etc. are provided in the galley but you will need to bring 4 Litres of semi-skimmed milk. A simple menu would be:

Bread or bread rolls for sandwiches.

Cheese slices, ham, salad for sandwiches.

Vegetable/ meat Lasagne

Cakes either home made or bought in.

Charges vary but about £2.00 for hot, £1 for sandwiches and 50p for cakes gives a rough indication but you must make sure your costs are covered first!

Duty Rota

Jumbles subscribes to an online Duty Rota System called "Dutyman". The rota is prepared from information provided by you to the secretaries when you fill out the duty form. Consent is also obtained at this stage to put your details and e mail address on the system. You will receive an email with a password entitling you to access the system and you can look up all duties on the list, not just yours. You will receive a 4 week and 1 week advance warning of your duty which hopefully will stop any "no shows". You can ask for swaps using the system and you can volunteer to fill in blanks or offer to do duties for others. The system has proved its worth by having no absentees last year on their duty day. You can access the full " Dutyman " system by clicking on "all events and duties" in the left sidebar and inputting you password.

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