Trophy Day Racing

Pursuit race

PY Handicaps are used to calculate start times for each class. The slowest class boats start first in the normal way. Each subsequent class will be given a one minute whistle and a ‘GO’ whistle. The PY is used to calculate start times.

Single class races

These are very short races that are one lap only. The OD should make a lap about 12 – 15 minutes. There needs to be a minimum of three boats in each class to compete and all classes start together. No PY handicaps are required for these races. The OD will simply need to record the order of crossing the line for each class of boat, first scores 1, second 2, etc on the score sheet provided. The lowest points score over four races wins! Prizes will be for each class, and overall lowest point score. Double handed boats MUST be sailed on an equal footing with a crew.

Please encourage your fellow class sailors to compete so you don’t miss out, remember there must be at least three boats in a class to compete so keep in touch with each other. Classes that we have enough boats include: enterprise, feva, GP14, laser, solo, topper, wayfarer and wonderer.  Club boats can also be used to make up numbers and include: Topper, Optimist, Quba, Vision, GP14 and Enterprise.

Team racing

Friends form a team of three a few weeks before the event and practice their skills. The day before the event tactics and rules will be explained and training will be given. Races last about ten minutes and whole team scores count. So a first, third and fifth would be 1+3+5 = 9 and that is a win! As the other team will score 2+4+6=12. So any combination of positions that score 10 points or less will win.

We will have to be in toppers as we need two teams of three boats on the water at one time. The goal of team racing is to use the rules and boats to block as well as sail fast. You support your team and check out the oppositions sailing skills to target who to block. This type of racing favours young sailors and those who want to learn the rules.

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