Keeping Safe at Jumbles

Sailing is a very enjoyable activity but as with any water sport it is not without risk. The club has risk assessments which cover all aspects of activity. These are posted in the clubhouse and members should read them and be sure to follow them. An accident / incident book can be found on the table near the front door and should be used to report any significant accidents or incidents. This then informs club to take action if necessary to improve safety.
Personal Equipment
Getting geared up to start sailing begins with personal clothing and safety equipment. Always dress to suit the conditions. Remember that getting wet combined with wind chill can soon lead to getting dangerously cold. Always put on enough layers with a wind proof / waterproof top layer when conditions call for it. On rare occasions the weather may be hot and fewer layers combined with head covering and sun block may be more appropriate. Keeping hydrated is also important in hot weather. Greater attention to all of this is needed for children.
Before going near the water a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) must be worn. Make sure that this is of sufficient buoyancy for your weight and that it is a good fit with all the fastenings properly adjusted.
Good footwear is also required, not just to keep feet warm but to give a good grip both on slippery grass and in a wet boat.

Rigging Your Boat
Please take care when carrying long spars around the site and always be aware of others nearby. Point your boat into the wind to rig up and do not leave your boat unattended on the boat park with the main sail raised. Take care when moving boats and be aware of slippery ground. Always ask for help to launch a boat if it is heavy and in windy conditions.
When on duty in the safety boat be careful handling heavy equipment like buoys and anchors.
Dogs on Site
You may bring your dog but it must stay on a lead and be supervised at all times. Please clean up after your dog. Dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse.

Vic Buckley – Club Health and Safety Coordinator